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The point to be noted in respect of mrt example is: the pinda is admitted
to be already a kārya of mrt. And the vijnana of the pinda as non-different
from its kārana mrt. is what is taught as resulting in the knowledge of all
other karyas that will emerge from the pinda which itself is a karya of
mrt. That is why he says  mrido'nyabuddhi. Even the pinda is realized to be
mrdeva just as sarpa is realized to be rajjureva.


Subbuji - PraNAms
Interesting discussion, I must say. 

Yes Clay lump to become a clay-pot - is parinaama from the point of lump and not from the point of clay. Perhaps Gold example can be more convenient to see the issue. In the worldly examples, gold biscuit transforming into gold ring is parinaama only. People are happy for the transformation since they know that gold is preserved! If transformation of lump to round pot or biscuit to ring form is all the concern, then there is no point in giving that example for eka vijnaanene sarva vijnanam - knowledge of lump or biscuit does not give the knowledge of ring or bangle. There are naama for a ruupa. 

Does naama come first or ruupa come first is seed-tree situation only, since in the mind of gold smith, he has a vision of the ring before he makes; only because rings were there before. He cannot think of making some gaabuubu and then make it without knowing what that gaagaabuubu is. It is anirvachaneeyam only in the sense of form came first or name came first.

There is no biscuit material that becomes ring material  - Both are essentially gold appearing before as a lump and now as ring. From lump to ring it is parinaama but gold point the transformation is name (that associates with form)- sake transformation - Hence vaachaarambhanam vikaara. In the process gold remains form-less in spite of appearing in all forms. 

This does not apply to milk to curds since it is similar to  clay to pot or biscuit to ring. there are parinaama only - unless one talks about just matter that is the milk is the same as matter in the curds (conservation of matter). 

Vaachaarambhanam vikaara  is clear statement directly from the scriptures without need of any bhaashyas that clearly sates that eka vijnaanena sarva vijnaanma bhavati - direct application to Brahman for its apparent transformation in terms of pluralistic world. Sarva vijnaanam via eka vijnaanam is echoed in the Mundaka when the student wants to know - kasminno bhaghavo vijnaante sarva vijnaanam bhavati. To which teacher provides the creation from the absolute. 

No logic can prove to me that  gold is transformed when biscuit transforms to ring or bangle. 

The fact that  Shree Vidyaranya uses again in the sloka I3-49 the mud to pot and gold to ring to establish the vivarta and quotes the vaachaarambhanam shruiti statement is sufficient for me for further conviction of Brahman to the world is vivarta. - as the essence of the chapter itself. 

Hari Om!


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