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> --Is "कारणस्यापारमार्थिकत्वम्" towards the beginning have a typo meant to
> read कारणस्य पारमार्थिकत्वम्, since in my understanding कारणस्य
> पारमार्थिकत्वम् इष्यते एव।

​Yes, it was a wrong word. It should be कार्य्यस्यापारमार्थिकत्वम् ।

> --"एकविज्ञानेन" अभेदे इति कीदृशी तृतीया? Grammatically, in what category
> of तृतीया would you consider अभेद in? Would इत्थम्भूते or प्रकारवाचि be
> right?

​प्रकृत्यादिभ्य उपसङ्ख्यानम् इतिवार्त्तिकात् अभेदे तृतीया । यथा धान्येन धनी
इत्यत्र धान्याभिन्नधनविशिष्टः इत्यर्थः , तत्र धनपदार्थस्याभेदेन
धनीपदार्थैकदेशेन्वयः ।

> --After न हि केवलाया मृदो ज्ञानेन... किन्तु... इति ज्ञानेन, I can't make
> out the next word, is it to read अभिन्नाभावमादाय? Thats how I have
> currently understood the word.

​अविनाभावमादाय is correct.
अ-विनाभाव = The quality of not staying apart from (kAraNa).​

I was anyway tilting towards both, not only परिणाम। I just mentioned what
> the Vyakhya confirmed on 13.51 that the Chandogya quoted examples can be
> used for both परिणाम and विवर्त based on the aspects indicated.

​As I said, that pot-example is always categorised as pariNAma in advaita
It is only vidyAraNya-muni, who has created a new prakriyA to treat all
kArya-s as vivartta of their cause. That's a new way to think. It is not
popular and accepted by all.
So, you have to be careful to not allow vagueness any space here.
That's why you have to treat vidyAraNya-s that chapter separately.

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