[Advaita-l] What is the difference between Satkaryavada of Sankhya and Vivarta vada of Advaita

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Thu Feb 9 10:23:22 EST 2017

Namaste Subramanian, 

Another addition to my previous email :

We cannot say brahman is both the cause and effect. Because here Arjuna asks : You are born after vivasvAn so how can you instruct him who was born before you? 

Because parinama vada follows satkArya vAda (every effect has a cause) only and not otherwise(effect from non existence or creation). Otherwise brahman will be the effect of the creation. The effect will precede the cause if we apply parinama vada to the above scenario. ‎

Hence parinama vada is not applicable in this case, in other words it fails to establish ajativada vada of Vedanta. Hence parinama vada is explicitly rejected by Gaudapada and other Vedantins. 

Kripa ‎

yo vedAdau svaraH prokto vedAnte cha pratiShThitaH |
tasya prakRRiti-lInasya yaH parassa maheshvaraH || 

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