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Thu Feb 9 07:23:24 EST 2017

Milk becomes curd due to bacteria present in the atmosphere.So milk does not become curd by itself as time passes.But Brahman becomes the universe by Himself as nothing extraneous other than Brahman exists to get added.The example is just an illustration and one should not go on extending it to prove a point.The Upanishad just says that Brahman alone is truth and there is nothing other than Brahman.Just to make this understandable by us mortals the examples were given from mundane life.Even in gold and ornaments we know copper has to be added.Clay to pot also sunlight or heat is required to make it useful as pot.But the fact is gold,clay only get modified and they pervade the form is the truth as Brahman pervades the prapancham.

Hare Krishna

Yes, we should not stretch the drushtAnta-s beyond its limits..We have to keep our focus on  'lakshyArtha' in mind while reading all these analogies...We should not ask where is the 'tail' when some purusha compared to 'lion' to magnify his power  :-)  It is in this light only we have been discussing  that ksheera-dadhi drushtAnta is less flexible when compared to mrudghata.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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