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bhaskar...super logic...
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> praNAms Sri Kripa prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> I must say, you have hit the nail on the head. My doubt arised exactly
> because of Lakshmi, the cow who was apparently given enlightenment by the
> 'sheer grace' of RM.‎
> >  On the first hand you should not get this doubt because according to
> you RM himself not an enlightened one and how can an unenlightened person
> can give enlightenment to an animal :-)
> Because of such claims, I am trying to understand the basics, the pillars
> of Shastras once again. I too thought of gajendra but then it could have
> been just a mukti from the clutches of crocodile. But then again, Abinava
> Gupta is a very illustrious nam‎e to take things lightly. I am still
> somehow skeptical because the other conditions will not be valid.
> >  we have plenty of episodes with regard to sAlOkya, sAyujya types of
> mukti-s  in our purANa-s...And it has been achieved through the grace of
> the lord / Acharya and sometimes even remembering the lord's name at the
> time of death (in the case of ajamila :-) And so, mukti cannot be always
> interpreted in an absolute sense that is paramArtha jnana or Atmaikatva
> jnana.  By the mere touch of paramahaMsa rAmakrishna, I was in trance and
> had strong feeling and experience that 'everything  brahman, so says Swamy
> Vivekananda.
> For example, krishna doesn't explicitly say animals and birds. ‎It is just
> a commentary and commentaries don't enjoy a greater status in pramana.
> >  yes, jantUnAm nara janmam durlabham, getting male body and braHmaNatva
> and inclination towards veda/ vedAnta / mOksha still difficult says viveka
> chUdAmaNi..  But buffalo chanted the veda mantra by the grace of jnana
> deva...so there are exceptions to this general rule : -) The cow Lakshmi at
> ramaNAshrama might be one of those exceptions...
> Next is, it becomes apparent that enlightenment can be given by guru's
> will alone. So a question may arise, why doesn't gurus like RM give
> enlightenment to everyone in the world with compassion?
> >  why Krishna taught bhagavad geeta only to arjuna when there are more
> eligible candidates were there on the battle ground??  If you know the
> answer to this question, you must know the answer to above question as well.
> We cannot argue that the students should be prepared / mature / ready
> because obviously, humans are better positioned than a cow, any given day.
> Another question props up - can enlightenment be distributed like sweets?
> >  No, enlightenment cannot be distributed like sweets to 'diabetic'
> patients, those who have 'power' of good digestion and healthy un-diabetic
> body can have the 'sweets' like enlightenment under the careful guidance
> from the professional doctor  :-)
> This also will go against what Adi Shankaracharya says that jnana alone is
> the cause for Moksha. He does not anywhere say that there are other ways to
> Moksha apart from jnana. He doesn't say Moksha can be attained either
> through jnana or Grace.
> >  BTW, jnana cannot be given 'afresh'  by even a jnAnanishTa guru to his
> shishya as it is (jnana) the svarUpa of both guru and shishya, guru can
> help his shishya to get rid of his ajnAna and the jnana illumines on its
> own (without any external force) when the cover of ajnAna is removed.  And
> this cover of ajnAna is 'same' in all pashu-pakshi-manushya jaati.  See
> shankara's adhyAsa bhAshya.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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