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At Paramarthika level all Vadas are same. At Vyavaharika level milk
turning to curds, gold to ornaments and rope to snake are different.
In rope becoming snake there is error and that error is not there in
milk turning to curds and gold to ornaments. There is one more example
of red flower kept near a colourless crystal. The crystal is appearing
red and everyone sees the red crystal even though they know it is not
red but colourless. Everyone is seeing sunrise and sunset even though
they know Sun will never set and Sun will never rise but Earth
rotation is creating this. But in snake example after knowing snake is
rope nobody will see a snake.

We can give different examples like this with differences but at
Paramarthika level they are all same. Brahman is One and there is no

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> PraNams
> Just as a final note. I am not disrespecting Shree Vidyaranya swami. As shree lalalitaalalitaa once pointed earlier that we are only addressing issues here  and not the persons involved, and what is the best way to present the apparent transformation that appears to be real at transnational level, with Scriptures forming the ultimate paramaana.
> I just completed my talk on the topic and I did present what Shree Vidyaranaya said and also presented my understanding with clear distinction between the two. The listener can use their judgement.
> With this I stop.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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