[Advaita-l] A question on PariNAma and vivarta

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 03:28:16 CST 2017

Namaste Sri Sadananda Ji,

I had pointed out earlier also in response to one of your posts that
transformation in respect of gold ornaments is one of parinama while that
in case of respect of rope-serpent is one of vivarta. But you did not agree
and so I left it at that. Now that the question has been posed by you
again, I reiterate my earlier position.

स्वरूपपरित्यागेन रूपान्तरापत्तिः परिणामः (svarUpaparityAgena
rUpAntarApattiH pariNAmaH ) Parinama is transformation which involves
change of swarupa.

स्वरूप अपरित्यागेन रूपान्तरापत्तिः विवर्तः (svarUpa aparityAgena
rUpAntarApattiH vivartaH)  Vivarta is transformation without involving  change
of swarupa.

In the case of gold and ornaments, unmaniest gold (gold in its kArana
swarupa) undergoes transformation into various manifest forms as chain,
ring, bangle etc (kArya swarupa). When it manifests as chain/bangle/ring
etc gold is no longer available in its unmanifest form. Hence it is an
illustration for parinama.Transformation is of gold only and not of
chain/bangle/ring.   There is no difference in ontological status as
between gold and ornaments.

In the case of rope-serpent, rope continues to exist in its own swarupa as
rope even as it appears as transformed to rope-serpent. Hence it is an
illustration for vivarta. There is a difference in ontological status as
between rope and rope-serpent. Rope is vyAvahArika while rope-serpent is


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