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Thank you for a well reasoned answer Sadanand. When we say everything happens due to daiva/guru  anugraha, it should then follow that it is a way of renunciation. But technically, it is only jnana that is responsible for liberation. 

Further, when you say inquiry, do you mean jiva-Brahma aikya? Thanks 
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Kripaji - PraNAms

In principle it is not possible, since inquiry is required for realization; as we know the animals do not have the subtle intellect for inquiry. 

Your two reasons specified in your post are not really two different. By guru's grace one gains the knowledge and using that knowledge one has to inquire. Uddharet aatmanaam aatmaanam atmaanam avasaadhayet. Krishna says ubhaya brashTa will be born in conducive family or  environment for his rapid growth. Was Jadabharata realized when he was in the form of a dear? He had to take human birth again to complete the process. 

On the other hand, Vaamadeva example that scripture provides highlights some possibilities. Was vaamadeva able to inquire in the womb. Perhaps he could. We have to assume here. 

In any case, we cannot say if someone else (that includes if some animal) has realized or not; and no body else can certify also or of course decertify too. All we know is subtle inquiry is needed and who ever and which ever can do that can, in principle realize. 

Hari Om!

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I have a doubt whether an animal like cow or a monkey get Moksha. I think it is possible for two reasons. One is that, the force or knowledge from previous birth accomplishment. The second is by the grace of Guru. For eg a guru is attached to some animal /pet. In that case, can a guru reward the pet with enlightenment? 

‎I hope this did not sound trivial and I humbly request for the standard answer to this doubt. Thanks 

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