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Thank you for the answer Venkatesh. Some say that due to guru's grace (anugraha - to set free) it is possible. What is your take on that? 

yo vedAdau svaraH prokto vedAnte cha pratiShThitaH |
tasya prakRRiti-lInasya yaH parassa maheshvaraH || 
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There is no way animals can be awarded Moksha like that. In other
disciplines they may get it like a Guru may take the animal to
Vaikuntha and say it is Moksha. But in Advaita we say Moksha means we
have to only realize Atma by correcting a mistake of thinking Anatma
as Atma and Atma as Anatma. How this realization can happen to animal?
Guru cannot automatically make it happen without teaching. Animals may
not understand Guru Upadesha.

Some crazy explanation may be given like in past life the animal had
studied Vedanta with Guru as a human being and he gets Moksha now. Who
knows what happened in past life?

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> Namaste,
> I have a doubt whether an animal like cow or a monkey get Moksha. I think it is possible for two reasons. One is that, the force or knowledge from previous birth accomplishment. The second is by the grace of Guru. For eg a guru is attached to some animal /pet. In that case, can a guru reward the pet with enlightenment?
> ‎I hope this did not sound trivial and I humbly request for the standard answer to this doubt. Thanks
> Regards
> Kripa ‎
> yo vedAdau svaraH prokto vedAnte cha pratiShThitaH |
> tasya prakRRiti-lInasya yaH parassa maheshvaraH ||
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