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Namaste Jayakumar

I am not sure if I can answer the question you pose directly, "

*can we (who are in spiritual pursuit )  justify of giving a bit more
importance to the waking state*"

However, an incident comes to mind which may be pertinent to this
About 20 years ago, the local leader of the School to which I belong
started what he called "The Measure Group".
Quite simply, we would meet in the School House at 5:00 in the morning to
practise meditation and also to study the Bhagavad GItA.
At around this time we had been introduced to a discipline which was stated
as "When you wake up, get up"

So one particular morning, waking had occurred at around 3:00am and the
body was swiftly removed from the bed.
Before leaving to attend the group, ablutions were performed and study of
the scriptures undertaken.
At the group, this was related to the leader, with the words:
"This morning, I woke up so cleanly and became fully awake immediately.
I did not even need the alarm clock."
The answer he gave was:
"Well there's the problem"
Not being the expected response, this experience was related again: "But I
got up when I woke up"

To which he replied:
"The problem is that you believe that you woke up"

Yours in Truth

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> Namaste to all.
> Though waking state is also equivalent to dream in the sense the the jeeva
> is ignorant of the Self and the jeeva is perceiving the non-existance, can
> we (who are in spiritual pursuit )  justify of giving a bit more importance
> to the waking state because of the following reasons :
> 1.       Let alone ignorant ones, even wise people give more importance to
> waking state and re-collect, share and talk about waking state experiences
> more than dreams and sleep.
> 2.       Wisdom or Self knowledge takes place only during waking state.
> 3.       In the vyavakarika time-scale, waking state is longer than sleep
> and dream states
> 4.       Only in waking state we vaguely remember dreams and recollect
> about
> sleep and dream experiences.
> 5.       Variety with Continuity like experience appears only in waking
> state .
>  Therefore, doesn't waking states enjoys an edge in importance more than
> the
> other two statesin 'vyavakarika' plane of reality?
> Regards,
> Jayakumar
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