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Another point in addition is that waking state is not sublated in Dream or deep sleep. This is because I can distinguish the three states only in waking state not in deep sleep or dreams. Let us assume a scenario where a person dies during sleep after having sequentially passed through waking, dream and deep sleep. So there is only one instance each of waking dream and deep sleep. In waking state he is able to state that he slept well yesterday. He is also able to tell that he had wonderful dreams. But once he slips into dreams, he wouldn't have identified himself being in a dream let alone distinguish it from other states. So in this case, as he never comes back to waking state again, the waking state was not sublated although it(dream state) had the benefit of occurring after waking state. 

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Namaste to all.


Though waking state is also equivalent to dream in the sense the the jeeva
is ignorant of the Self and the jeeva is perceiving the non-existance, can
we (who are in spiritual pursuit )  justify of giving a bit more importance
to the waking state because of the following reasons : 

1.      Let alone ignorant ones, even wise people give more importance to
waking state and re-collect, share and talk about waking state experiences
more than dreams and sleep.

2.      Wisdom or Self knowledge takes place only during waking state.

3.      In the vyavakarika time-scale, waking state is longer than sleep
and dream states

4.      Only in waking state we vaguely remember dreams and recollect about
sleep and dream experiences.

5.      Variety with Continuity like experience appears only in waking
state .  

 Therefore, doesn't waking states enjoys an edge in importance more than the
other two statesin 'vyavakarika' plane of reality?






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