[Advaita-l] vrata pooja vidhAna

Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 24 03:53:07 EDT 2017

I find referring to different pUjA books is confusing too. In such matters,
it is better to stick to the vidhAna that one has learnt from elders or the
family priest. That way, one is respecting the traditions set by the
ancestors. Or, if you are doing a pUjA in the home of someone else, then
you should follow the tradition of that person and the corresponding
procedure. It is easier to do this if you are regular family priest of that

Also, the quality of pUjA books varies widely. Some have too many mistakes,
probably because they would not have been proof-read by the original
priest. I have known priests who just dictate the procedure to someone who
is writing it down. And that written version gets published without the
priest's proof-reading. However, I have seen books in Kannada by Shri Shyam
Bhattaru which are surprisingly free of mistakes. Even the Vedic Svaras are
accurate in those books.


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