[Advaita-l] vrata pooja vidhAna

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Thu Aug 24 03:13:57 EDT 2017

Hare Krishna


Kindly pardon me my doubt has nothing to do with vedAnta, this is mere a jignAsa in archana vidhi.

As a priest today morning I went to 5-6 houses for the swarNa gowri vrataM.  I have 3-4 different publications with regard to gowri ganesha anantha padmanAbha, varamahAlaxmi vrata Pooja vidhAna ( including vrata mAla, vrata maNjari, sateeka vrataratnamAla etc.) The names that have been used for dvAra pAlaka Pooja, peeta Pooja, aNga pooja, AvaraNa Pooja, patra Pooja, pushpa Pooja etc. have been entirely different, ( and in dvAra paalaka Pooja the devata names have been inter changed, in some places west dvAra devata is north dvAra devata, East dvAra devata at South and so on ... as if shift, timing & directions changed for these dvAra pAlaka-s :) Fortunately  there is some similarity in ashtOttara.  Is there any hard and fast rule that we have to use only specific name/s for these Pooja-s??  And in some publication AvaraNa Pooja itself missing !!  Only in chandi / saptashati kalpOkta Pooja vidhAna we have almost similar names for all these Pooja-s.  The kalpa of specific devata Pooja is particular about using the names for these Pooja-s??  kindly clarify.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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