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praNAms Sri Anand Hudli prabhuji
Hare Krishna

>  But prabhuji,  you said that Ishwara does not forms a part of DSV 
> (jeeva
kalpita or jeeva srushti) along with other five including shuddha Chaitanya.
There are variations of DSV. PrakAshAnanda holds that avidyA is responsible for creation. Even in that case, Ishvara can be equated to shuddha chaitanya, which is not jIva-kalpita. One of the six anAdis is jIva-Ishvara bheda and it will still hold (until realization) if Ishvara is taken to be nirguNa Brahman.

>  Thanks for this clarification prabhuji.  Jeeva-ishvara bheda is anAdi and it holds good till the realization of ekatvaM and , Ishvara can be equated to shuddha chaitanya, which is not jIva-kalpita.  And rest of the things as explained by you below based on vyAkhyAnakAra works,  is due to  treating mAya and avidyA as synonyms.  ( ofcourse with the bhAshya vAkya avidyAtmikAhi beeja shaktiH avyakta shabda nirdeshyA etc.) 

>  However, it is not quite understandable how the nityashuddhabuddha muktasvabhAvAtmaka Brahman, can have the  association with ajnAna when he is specifically prefixed with visheshaNa-s like nitya shuddha, Buddha, mukta svarUpa.., attains the state of jIva (ajnAnamAshritya jIvabhAvaM labdhvA) jeeva realizes that he is brahman through vidyA is logical and acceptable but brahman associates with avidyA and becomes jeeva is something strange really.  Jeeva is the one who realizes that he is brahman by giving up his ajnAna / avidyA or in other words, becomes brahman by gaining the knowledge / vidyA.  It would be illogical if we reverse this order and say that brahman becomes jeeva by acquiring or in association of avidyA or by losing his vidyA !!  Especially when bhAshyakAra clearly says : Ishwarasya nityanivruttAvidyAtvAt.  Only vidyA can be acquired but cannot be lost, avidyA can be lost bit it cannot be acquired afresh as it is anAdirananta.  

>  Sri SSS explains this in his vedAnta drushtAnta kathegaLu from the bruhadAraNyaka.  The story goes like this, a prince who lost his parents immediately after his birth and grown up in a hunter house and became a hunter.  Over a period of time, after some years, someone who knows the background of this hunter-prince explained him that he is the king belong to royal dynasty.  The prince could not believe that he is indeed prince.  Then that person persuaded the prince by explaining the rAja lakshaNa and how he is different from other hunters etc.  After hearing this and doing manana on what he heard, finally that hunter realized that he is indeed prince and not the hunter.  And became the king of the kingdom.  And from this story, can anybody tell, the prince having acquired ignorance became a hunter or losing his knowledge that he is prince and became a hunter??  The right way of purporting  is that the hunter gave up his ignorance and became king.  And for that matter he was / is / will always be king only irrespective of his hunter life.  Similarly by giving up avidyA the jeeva realizes that he is brahman and it is not otherway round i.e. brahman gaining avidyA or having relationship with avidyA  became jeeva.  Anyway prabhuji this is how I understand this scenario...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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