[Advaita-l] 'A selection from the Drona Parvan'

Aditya Kumar kumaraditya22 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 21 07:34:31 EDT 2017

DSV is the precursor to ajāti.  
A : So DSV is not just a prakriya but the main principle of Advaita? Because prakriyas can be bypassed but not tenets. 

When we say substratum it is Turiya.
A : But isn't Ishwara imagined by a Jiva? 

There is no Brahman idea in Sankhya/yoga. The Vedanta position Shankara is stating there is: no many-ness but one Consciousness only.  
A : The Vedantins call it Brahman, the Sankhya-Yogins call it Purusha. Btw Shankaracharya admits the 24 tattva classification in Prapanchasara Tantra. The Purusha of S/Y too is neither the cause nor the effect. 


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