[Advaita-l] DSV in Saundaryalahari

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Sat Aug 19 04:03:38 EDT 2017

the authors of kavya-s like Kalidasa are foremost Vedantins. There is a lot of Vedanta to be gleaned from their works.

The famous poet भवभूती in his work 'उत्तररामचरित​', composes a wonderful shloka which is \
known to everyone.  

 एको रसः करुण एव निमित्त- भेदाद्भिन्नः पृथक् पृथगिवाश्रयते विवर्तान् ।
आवर्तबुद्बुदतरङ्गमयान्विकारानम्भो यथा सलिलमेव हि तत्समस्तम् ॥

The poet tries to convey the underlying message of Valmiki in terms of 'rasa' aspect that
the rAmAyaNa is 'karuNa-rasa' pradhAna.  He goes to the extent of saying that
there is only one rasa ie., karuNa and the rest of the rasa-s are modifications of the
that which is similar to ripples in the water / ocean (अधिष्ठानं).   Just as the अधिष्ठानं (water) is 
is getting apparently transformed into ripples; similarly, the मूल रसः in रामायणं is
करुण​ and rest of the 8 are apparently seen in this.  

Interestingly, भवभूती names this phenomena with a wonderful terminology called
विवर्तान् which is the basic concept of advaita.

भवभूती was a staunch advaitin and rAma-bhakta.


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