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> ​​Namaste Anandji, Subbuji,
> ​​
> ​"Perhaps, that is the reason why devatAs are not
> supposed to blink their eyes like us humans.
> Thats an interesting point. On Lalitasahasranama name quoted by Subbuji, I
> found an add-on to what you say; that is quoted towards the end here.
>> In the Lalitāsahasranāma the name: उन्मेषनिमिषोत्पन्नविपन्नभुवनावलिः
>> occurs in the same sense. There is a prakriyā क्षणे क्षणॆ सृष्टिः, क्षणे
>> क्षणे लयः.
>>> ​Under that ​verse of Lalitasahasranama, there is an Saubhagyabhaskara
> says:
> उन्मेषनिमिषौ नेत्रविकाससंकोचौ ताभ्यामेव क्रमेणोत्पन्ना विपनाश्च सृष्टा
> नष्टाश्च भुवनानां ब्रह्माण्डानामावल्यः पङ्क्त्यो यस्यास्तथा देव्या
> अनिमिषत्वेऽपि
> ​*​
> प्राणिकर्मवशेन तयोरुत्पत्तिसंभवात्
> ​​
> । इच्छामात्रे तात्पर्यात्।
> * ​
> तदुक्तमाज्ञावतारे ’इच्छायैव जगत्सर्वं निगिरद्युद्गिरत्यपि’ इति।
> ’इच्छामात्रं प्रभोः सृष्टिः’ इति च। कालिदासेनाप्युक्तम्
> ’दृष्टदृश्यदृशिलक्षणं जगत्प्राक्स्मृतेस्त्वयि तदम्ब संहृतम्। उन्मिषत्यपि
> पुनस्त्वदुद्गमे त्वल्लये निमिषति त्वदिच्छया’ इति।
> (Translation by R. Anantakrishna Sastriji):
> Since the eyes of Devi never close, the expression
> ​"​
> opening and shutting" refer to the influence of the
>> destiny of beings, or to her mere wish. The Aj
> ​n​
> avatara
>> says,
> ​"​
> by her mere wish the whole universe appears and disappears
> ​.
>  The creation of the supreme is simply the expression of His wish."
> Kalidasa also says, " The
> universe consisting of the seer, the seen and the seeing, with all its
> parts, existed in you before you thought (of
>> creation). At the manifestation of the universe at your will, your eyes
> open, at the destruction of the universe (at your will) your eyes shut."
> ​Further, I think there is an old Hindi quoted later:
>> Goraksanatha in his Maharthamanjari says, " The moment occupied by the
> Highest Teacher in the creation is the same as that occupied in the
> destruction of the universe."
> And if there is a doubt as to who this Lalitamba is, other names therein
> clarify चितिस्तत्पदलक्ष्यार्था, तुर्या, etc.
> This beautifully sums up DSV in other works too.

Dear Praveen ji,

I have heard a very learned scholar Sri Swaminathan Sharma say on several
occasions: the authors of kavya-s like Kalidasa are foremost Vedantins.
There is a lot of Vedanta to be gleaned from their works.


> ​gurupAdukAbhyAm
> ,
> --Praveen R. Bhat
> /* येनेदं सर्वं विजानाति, तं केन विजानीयात्। Through what should one know
> That owing to which all this is known! [Br.Up. 4.5.15] */

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