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>                                             Sri Krishna Karnamrutam -4
> The supreme Lord, born to Devaki-Vasudeva is growing as a child, as
> cowherd boy in the house of Nanadabaaba and Yasoda mayyaa. Yasoda mayyaa
> and the whole of Gokul are enjoying the pranks of the Lord as a child
> without knowing that it is the supreme Lord that is now in the form of a
> little child. One day Yasoda mayyaa is trying put Krishna to sleep and like
> any child Krishna asked  – mayyaa! Can you tell me a story so that I can
> sleep? In India, mothers always used to tell all Pouraanic stories for the
> children, inculcating bhakti in their minds that there is always Lord to
> protect them when they are in trouble. When I was a child, my grandmother
> used to take me to a temple where daily puraanas were being told. There was
> one great pandit by name Puttaparti Sreenivasa Charlu, who was very popular
> in town, in telling the pouranic stories, since he used to interject many
> short stories in between to add spices to the main story. My mother had
> Devi –group, where she used to read Telugu bhagavatam and Ramayan daily and
> explain to all the ladies. I also used to listen until the ladies expelled
> me from their group.  The son of Puttaparti Sreenivasa charlu was the
> well-known Telugu poet in Andhra– Puttaparti Narayanacharlu, who earned the
> title of ‘Saraswati Putra’.
> Well coming back to main story, little Krishna wanted Yasoda mayyaa to
> tell him the story so that he can sleep. Yasoda mayyaa was telling Ramayan
> story to little Krishna. This is the scene imagined by Leelasuka and this
> incident he described in a poetic form.
> raamonaama babhuuva, hum, tadabalaa seeteti, hum, tam pitu
> dvaacaa pancavaTeetaTe viharatas tasyaaharad raavaNaH|
> nidraartham jananee kathaam iti harer humkaarataH shRiNvataH
> soumitre! kva dhanu rdhanu rdhanu riti vyagraagiraH paantu naH||
> nidraartham jananee kathaam iti – for the inducing sleep to the child
> Krishna, the mother yasoda was telling this story. Raamonaama babhuuva
> –once upon a time there was a prince by name Rama. Leelasuka says –child
> Krishna while listening to this story or should we say his own story of his
> past life, says – hum – as though he was keenly listening to some new
> story. Hum- sounds are interjected in the sloka as the response of the
> child Krishna. Yasoda continues with the story. She says – tat abalaa seeta
> iti – The name of his wife was Seeta – hum. tam pitudvaacaa pancavaTeetaTe
> viharataH, tasya tam aharat raavanaH – He abiding in his father’s words
> went to the forest and moving around in the Pancavati, when his wife was
> kidnapped by Ravana – when yasodamaaya said this, instead of regular –hum-
> Krishna jumped out of the bed and shouted angrily – Lakshmaanaa! Where is
> my dhanus, my dhanus, my dhanus – thus shouted in an anger filled with
> urgency? One can imagine the how Yasoda mayya might have responded to her
> child’s outburst without knowing who Krishna really is. Leelasuka says that
> Krishna who is ever on the guard to protect dharma - paantu naH – may he
> protect us all.
> Here the author is pointing to us two things- The love of Rama to Seeta,
> even though that incarnation is over, his love is so intense that he in the
> form of little Krishna could not stand someone kidnaping his beloved Seeta
> when he was Rama. Generations must have passed by then. Still after hearing
> that his beloved was kidnapped was still intolerable.  Second is his love
> for Lakshmana who served him like his shadow. Lakshmana is so involved in
> the service of Rama to the extent that Rama depended on him for everything.
> Rama did not know where the bow and arrows were unless Lakshmana was there
> to give. It is said that Rama will not return back to his abode as long as
> Lakshmana was there. Hence a situation was created to separate Lakshmana
> from Rama by sending Durvasa to see Rama when he was having private
> discussions with a yama, who came in disguise. Lakshmana had to leave and
> once Lakshmana left Rama had no more desire to remain there.
> Mother Yasoda must have got frightened by the Child’s act of suddenly
> jumping from the bed and calling for Lakshmana to bring his bow and arrows.
> It was said that Shree Kulashekara Alwar was also so involved in the story
> of Ramayan, while listening to the part that Rama was on the way to  Lanka
> to fight with Ravana, immediately got up from his chair and asked his
> commander in army to get ready to go to Lanka to help Rama to fight Ravana.
> In another poem, Leelasuka tells that while Yasoda mayyaa was putting
> little Krishna to sleep, Gods above wanted to visit him, at least in his
> dream. Lord Shiva comes first, and Krishna says Oh! Shabho! Please come and
> have a seat. Then pitamaha Brahma comes who is invited to sit on his left
> side. Indra comes – Krishna says – Oh! Indra! Long time no see! Must not be
> getting into any troubles now as days! Like that Krishna is inviting each
> God that is visiting. Yasoda who was admiring her sleeping son with a smile
> on his face suddenly hears – Oh! Shambo! Oh! Brahma! Oh! Indra! etc., while
> the child is still sleeping. Thinking that the child has some bad dreams,
> she holds her Krishna tight and as concerned mother shouts– what happened
> my child – what happened my child - and then does - – thuu- thuu – as
> raksha for the child to protect the child from bad dreams.
> shambhO! svaagata maasyataam ita, ito vaamena padmaasana!
> krouncaare! kushalam? sukham? surapate! Vittesha! nodRusyase!
> ittham svapna gatasya kaiTabhajitaH shRitvaa yasodaa giraH
> kim kim baalaka! Jalpaseeti rachitam, thuu! thuu!, kRitam paatu naH|
> That playful Krishna may he protect us.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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