[Advaita-l] dRShTi-sRShTi definitions in the advaitasiddhi

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> Namaste all,
> That vivartavAda is also not the ultimate siddhAnta is mentioned in the
> vedAnta siddhAnta muktAvali too.
> "बालान् प्रति विवर्तोsयं ब्रह्मणः सकलं जगत् ।
> अविवर्तितमानन्दमास्थिताः कृतिनः सदा ॥ " इति स्मृतिरपि आत्मनो
> द्वैतदर्शनाभावमनुमन्यते ।
> That this world is a vivarta, an appearance of Brahman, is said for the
> sake of children. The wise on the other hand, are ever established in
> bliss, in which there is no vivarta whatsoever - thus the smritis too agree
> that there is no second thing seen in the Atma.
> Does anyone know which smriti is being quoted here?

I have a feeling that this could be in the Yogavasishtha or Sūtasamhitā (of


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