[Advaita-l] dRShTi-sRShTi definitions in the advaitasiddhi

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>>Although, I too interpreted दृष्टिव्व्यक्ति as कर्मधारय translating to
"individual sights", but I wondered if it could be made द्वन्द्व by someone
to somehow accommodate Bhamatikara's NJV (although to do so strictly it
should have been व्यक्तिदृष्टि)।

There is an insightful verse in the saMkShepa-shArIraka (2.86) of
sarvajnAtman with an equally insightful vyAkhyA by rAmatIrtha:
परिणाम इत्यथ विवर्त इति बहवोऽहमेव च मुमुक्षुरिति।
परिपुष्कलं च परमं पदमित्यवगत्य तिष्ठति महिम्नि निजे ॥२.८६॥
परिणाम इति॥ प्रथमं परिणामो ब्रह्मणो जगत् इत्यवगत्य अथ अनन्तरं विवर्त
इत्यवगत्य तत्रापि विवर्ते बहवो मुमुक्षवः इति प्रथममवगत्य पश्चादहमेव च
मुमुक्षुर्न मदन्ये सन्तीत्यवगच्छति। पुनर्विवर्तोऽपि नास्ति
नित्यशुद्धचित्स्वरूपे ब्रह्मात्मनि अज्ञानस्यासम्भवात् इत्यपवाददृष्ट्या
परिपुष्कलं परमं पदम् अखण्डचित्सदानन्दरूपमेवात्मतत्त्वम् इत्यवगम्य निजे
महिम्नि स्वरूपे निर्लुठितसामान्यविशेषे स्वप्रकाशसदानन्दघने
ब्रह्मण्यवतिष्ठते ब्रह्मैव भवतीत्यर्थः॥

This verse and the commentary thereon clearly outlines the steps in
understanding the ultimate tattva of advaita. First, the aspirant
understands that the world is a transformation of Brahman, and then that
the world is a (vivarta) transfiguration (of Brahman like an illusory
serpent on a rope, and hence not real). Even in understanding that the
world as a transfiguration, there is first the understanding that there are
many persons desirous of liberation (mumukShus), followed next by the
understanding, "I alone am the mumukShu and there is no other (person)."
Next, there is the understanding that there is no vivarta too, since there
can be no ajnAna in Brahman of the nature of eternal, pure Consciousness.
With this apavAda (cancellation of the superimposed idea of vivarta), there
is the realization of the reality of the Self as Undivided Consciousness
and Eternal Bliss. The aspirant becomes Brahman alone, having dropped
universal and particular (attributes), and being established in the Self
Luminous and Eternally Blissful Brahman.


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> The following links may be useful to those looking for the original text
> with laghuchandrikA commentary:
> https://archive.org/details/Advaita.Siddhi.by.Madhusudana.Sarasvati
> https://archive.org/stream/Advaita.Siddhi.by.Madhusudana.
> Sarasvati#page/n555/mode/2up
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