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Vedanta teachers say :  do shravaNa,  manana, nididhyaasana

Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi says:  do self inquiry by way of "Who am I?"

>  First of all differentiating ramaNa from vedAnta teacher is untenable IMO.  What ramaNa teaches is vedAnta only not an entirely new method.  However, there are some reservations from traditionalists with regard to this.  

Both appear to be telling different things. Is it possible to reconcile them? Is it nididhyaasana that Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi referring to?

>  if the nididhyAsana (or self-enquiry)  what bhagavaan recommended  is the subsequent step after shravaNaM and mananaM of shAstra vAkya then yes,  it is in line with vedAnta orthodox tradition.  If the bhagavaan recommended nidhidhyAsana without the need of shravaNaM and mananaM of shAstra then it is not strictly in line of Advaita vedAnta tradition.  However, argument goes ramaNa's direct path is good for those who have already completed their dues i.e. shravaNa and manana is their previous janma..hence his nidhidhyAsana without shAstra shravaNa and manana is acceptable in traditional circle.

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