[Advaita-l] SSS does not recognize Adhikari Bheda

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 02:01:01 EDT 2017


In the Vedanta Prakriya Pratyabhijna his best work Sri SSS has said this on
page 6 -

वस्तुनि विकल्पासंभवात् विरुद्धदिक्कानां मार्गाणामेकस्मिन् स्थाने
पर्यवसानासंभवात् । When there is no alternatives for a Vastu or
Destination paths going in opposite directions cannot reach the same spot.

This is not correct. A knowledgeable person is asked by a traveler 'How to
go to place X with no traffic problem and fast? I don't care how much toll
fee I have to pay'. The guide may say 'Take this North going road. It is
longer but there is no traffic and you will go fast. But you will have to
pay toll fees.' Another traveler may ask 'How to go to place X in shortest
path and spending less petrol and no toll fee?' The guide may say 'Take
this South going road. It is the shortest and no toll fee but there will be

Therefore there can be many paths to the same Destination and some paths
may look like going in opposite directions at first but finally they will
come to the same Destination.

SSS again says on page 6 -

न चाधिकारिभेदेन भाष्यव्याख्यानप्रस्थानयोरविरोधः शक्यसंपादनः ।
विरुद्धप्रतिपत्तीनां तुल्यवच्छ्रेयस्कारणतानुपपत्तेः । You cannot say
contradiction between Bhashya and Vyaakhyaanas like Bhaamati and Vivarana
are possible because of Adhikari Bheda - students in different stages.
Because contradicting explanations cannot be cause for Highest Good like
alternative but not contradicting explanations.

This is also not correct. There will be Jijnasus of different capacities
and different mental strengths. They will not all be equal. Therefore for
different level Jijnasus there will be different Prakriyas to follow.
Famous Geeta Sloka can be remembered here -

aruruksor muner yogam, karma karanam uchyate
yogarudhasya tasyaiva, samah karanam uchyate [6-3] For the sage desiring to
climb the Yoga Peak Work is the cause. After climbing it for the sage Karma
Nivrutti or giving up Work is the cause. According to SSS Karma Pravrutti
and Karma Nivrutti are contradicting. Therefore Geeta is wrong. We will get
this silly and wrong conclusion.

I think this is most fundamental problem in SSS approach. He does not
accept Adhikari Bheda.



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