[Advaita-l] Ishwara srushti - shruti bhAshya sammata

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Hare Krishna

There is a major problem with your understanding according to the DSV Prakriya of Praachina Acharyas.

Ø   Kindly note if that drushti which does the srushti is brahman I don’t have any qualms, if you come up with theory like: ‘  this whole jagat is the srushti of avidyAvanta jeeva’  then all problems erupt ☺

If you read patiently you will understand. There is no Vyaavahaarika Satya at all. What you are describing Vyavahaara is really Praatibhaasika only.

Ø   When it comes to Ishwara srushti there is a big valley of difference between vyAvahArika jaagrat jagat (jaagrat vishaya) and praatibhAsika.  Shankara in sUtra bhAshya clarifies AkAshaadi Ishwara srushti which we see in jaagrat avasthA has the paaramaarthikatvaM in it  and svapna srushti is NOT like Ishwara srushti.  And svapna srushti is anrutaM since there is not even an iota of paramArtha in it.

This understanding is directly coming from equality of Waking and Dream States given by Gaudapaada and accepted by Adi Sankara. If Dream = Waking it means there will only be Praatibhaasika Satya in both Waking and Dream.

Ø     Equality between jaagrat and svapna and even calling sushupti also as svapna is not to disprove the Ishwara srushti, it is there to prove Atman is tureeya and avasthaateeta.  Don’t get confused between srushti prakriya and avasthAtraya prakriyaa.

Therefore if you say Ishwara Srushti or Jeeva Srushti both are Praatibhaasika only.  Vyavahaara is for dull minds is the Final Siddhanta of Advaita.

Ø     By giving the spider example mundaka says all this universe comes out from the imperishable one …hope your bhrAnta jeeva is not that imperishable one to do this jagat srushti.  Again, don’t come up with some illogical argument like yes bhrAnta jeeva is brahman only since there is no second Chaitanya apart from brahman etc.  There is hell a lot of difference in saying jagat is bhrAnta jeeva’s avidyA kalpita srushtI and brahman (chetana) is the kAraNa of this srushti which is known through ‘asti’ and prateeti.  And yes, kArika too says vyavahAra and srushti is for dull witted ones and for that dull witted ones the shruti and shankara clarifying that Ishwara is the jagat kartru and not the saMsAri jeeva.  Enough said….

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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