[Advaita-l] Non-scriptural status of the Veda

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Fri Aug 4 03:59:12 EDT 2017

How then should we view this in context of stories from the shastras, such as Lord Hayagriva "returning" the Veda to Lord Brahma after they/it was stolen by the demons? How could the Veda be stolen if this knowledge was already in possession via memory by sages and other righteous personalities?

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There is a talk about vomiting the veda when the guru asked his shishya to give back the veda...and some birds ate that etc.  taitireeya shAkha of Yajurveda has the allegories like this.  All these needs to be understood in their own context without overtaking the traditional stand that vedas are apaurusheya and anAdi and shruti (that which is heard).  You can wait for more authentic and convincing word from others also.

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