[Advaita-l] DSV in Vichara Sagara

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One may become King in his dream and  another may become a beggar in dream.
But what is the difference? Both are dreams and not real. That Logic is
used for Ishwara and tiny Jeeva. Both are in dreams. Ishwara is ruling a
dream world and Jeeva is being ruled in a dream. Outside the dream there is
no Ishwara and no Jeeva.

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> Ultimately, everything boils down to "दीर्घस्वप्नं इदं जगत्"
> praNAms Sri Sriram prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> Yes, ultimately, everything (including jAgrat, svapna sushupti)  boils
> down to 'svapna' or deergha svapnaM only,  tasya traya avasathA trayee
> svapnAH...says shruti to drive home the point that Atman / brahman is
> avasthAteeta.  It does not anyway mean, atleast IMHO, even vyavahArically
> there is absolutely no difference between svapna and jAgrat jagat and both
> are mere avidyAkalpita srushti of bhrAnta,  parichinna,  individual,  tiny
> jeeva.  It is because of this reason only shruti talks about the 'dreams'
> of jnAni-s.  And this dream is the result of sarvAtmabhAva saMskAra
> clarifies bhAshyakAra elsewhere.  He gets the dream like he has become
> devata, king, everything.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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