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praNAms Sri Sanju Nath prabhuji
Hare Krishna

1. Hiranyagarbha, the cosmic mind, projects the universe or 2. the individual mind projects the universe because the universe disappears during sushupti.

>  If you want to go by shAstra and bhAshya pratipAdana, the srushti is from Ishwara who is nitya avidyAvinirmukta. Samashti buddhi is mahat tattva and that which has been identified with this mahat tattva as upAdhi is hiraNyagarbha who has the abhimAna that he is the samashti buddhi.  The seed of this samashti buddhi (jagat beeja) sprout there is an appearance of Prathama shareera (prathamaja) and that which has the upAdhi of this shareera is called virAt purusha or prathamaja or prajaapati brahma or chaturmukha brahma.  There is an elaborate discussion with regard to srushti krama in shruti, smruti, prakaraNa like pancheekaraNa etc.  Taitireeya akAshAt vAyuH, vAyoragniH, agnerApaH, apaH pruthivi, pruthivyA OshadhayaH, from Oshadhi annaM and then there is a talk of manushya (annAt purushaH).  So, if at all bhAshyakAra talks about some avidyA kalpita srushti by this manusya, that srushti must be something different from this Ishwara srushti which has the base in shruti, smruti and bhAshya works.  


3. Both of the above are valid and are two different prakriyas of overcoming our ignorance of Brahman?

>  by mere knowing the srushti or srushti krama our purpose is not served, we need to know the svarUpa of this srushti then only we can get rid of the ignorance of brahman who is abhinna nimittOpadAna kAraNaM of this jagat and at the same time nishkriya and nirvishesha in its svarUpa.  

To understand the samashti cosmic mind, it helps to understand the  vyashti individual mind, but question remained for me: both cosmic mind and individual mind have the same functionality of projecting the universe, since the universe resolves in our sushpti?  

>  bhAshyakAra elsewhere clarifies srushti kriya is out of the reach to even some krama muktAtma-s...they reach hiraNyagarbha lOka 'enjoy' all the facilities there but without the power of creation...ONLY Ishwara has the power to do this srushti.   

But we also have the view that functionalities of both the cosmic samashti and vyashti mind are different - cosmic mind projects, individual mind perceives the projection.

>  And the purpose of this projection by samashti mind is to set a stage for these individual jeeva-s to get the fruits of their karma.  The clarification of sApeksha srushti by Ishwara is quite clear from bhAshyakAra.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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