[Advaita-l] Does Brahman's svaprakAshatvam make it mithyA?

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praNAms Sri Anand prabhuji
Hare Krishna

MithyAtva is the same as sad-asad-vilakShaNatva. So a mithyA vastu, example a pot or illusory silver/snake, can neither be asat (like a hare's horn), nor sat (Brahman). You may say mithyA objects can be classified as vyAvahArika (pot) and prAtibhAsika (illusory snake). The statement "vimataM mithyA, dRshyatvAt" indicates there is a vyApya-vyApaka relation between dRshyatva and mithyAtva, similar to the relation between smoke and fire.
Where there is smoke there is fire. Anything that is dRshya (can be known) is also mithyA. pratipannopAdhau traikAlikanishhedhapratiyogitvaM vA mithyAtvam is one definition of mithyAtva which captures the fact that a mithyA vastu will cease to exist in all three periods of time, once the bhrama ends.

>  thanks for your kind clarification prabhuji.  Hope you won't mind if I seek further clarification on what you have written.  

>  I am finding it difficult to understand   mithyAtva is the same as anirvachaneeya (sad-asad vilakshaNatva) and at the same time cessation  of mithyA vastu in trikAla.  And the term asat  which has been clearly explained by shankara that yadrUpeNa nishchitaM yat tadrUpaM vyabhicharat anrutaM, This yadrUpeNa nishchitaM that vyabhicharati cannot be an atyanta abhAva vastu like vandhyA putra or shasha vishANa..Because yadrUpeNa nishchitaM cannot be attributed  to horn and putra and subsequently apply the vyabhichAra.  Whereas vyabhichAra (changing) can be possible in nishchita rUpa in  the sequence of clay-pot-clay-pitcher-clay-jug-clay etc.  

> And again when it comes to mithyA Vs anirvachaneeya.if we take the example of rajju sarpa.  Sarpa is ofcourse mithyA it is mere kalpita jneya due to the absence of yathArtha jnana of rajju.  And in this example where can we accommodate sad-asad vilakshaNa when the rajju is kevala kalpita jneya sarpa which was / is / will never be there in rajju ?? After nishchita jnana of rajju would we say there was / is / will be anirvachaneeya (or sad-asad vilakshaNa) sarpa in rajju?? I don’t think so or am I missing something in this understanding?? Please clarify.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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