[Advaita-l] आप्त वाक्यम् - a new thread for discussion

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Tue Apr 18 03:06:33 EDT 2017


After reading the thread "An interesting episode", I thought a new thread on 'आप्त वाक्यम्' 
should be initiated.  

As per the definition of आप्त वाक्यम्  vide तर्क संग्रहः, it is 

आप्त वाक्यं शब्दः । आप्तस्तु यथार्थवक्ता  

ie., the Apta vAkya are the words of a trust-worthy person and a trust-worthy person is one
who always speaks the truth and never speaks incorrect statement.  He is free from
illusion, carelessness, defects of sense organs and desire of cheating others.

Now, can the words of mahAtmAs be taken as आप्त वाक्यं even though they are
beyond the read of our logic and rationality?

Can the आप्त वाक्यं be compared to "giving benefit of doubt" to whom we respect most?


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