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|| ShriHari ||

Vaishaakh Krishna Tritiya,
 Vikram Samvaat 2074, Shukravaar
14th April,  2017,  Friday  
How to Remove the Fickleness of the Mind?
Madhusudanacharya in his book "Bhakti-Rasaasyan," says: Kaamkrodhbhayasnehaharshshoukdayadyah
|Taapakaachittjatunastchaantou katheen tu tat ||  (1/5) 

Passion, anger, fear, affection, joy, sorrow, compassion etc., are feelings that move, soften and melt the mind in the same way
as lac (a sort of wax), leaving a lasting impression, while on abatement of the heat it hardens."
Lac is hard, but contact with heat makes it soft and it melts. Wax also softens by a little heat.   If one applies
color over wax, when it is hard, the same could be scraped off easily by a fingernail.  However if wax is placed in a bowl
> and heated over fire, and then some color is added, the color will blend thoroughly with the wax.  The color is seen also when the wax cools. 

 Similarly, the enjoyed pleasures and occurrences, which melted our hearts that we were greatly absorbed in, those colors are also very much
 embedded in the mind, and we are often reminded of these incidents. Whatever pleasure we relished with great passion and attachment in the past are not there in the present at all, but they are melted and established in the memory due to those strong past impressions, therefore it
 quickly becomes apparent, today exactly as before, even though many years have passed.

Though appearing just as before, it is with absolute certainty, something of the past.  It is not there in the present at all!   There is no connection with the present and we have nothing to do with it.  This is an excellent method to remove such memories.

 Therefore, without any doubt, definitively understand that those incidents are not in the present.  Those things or
 actions or company etc., are of the past and they are not there in the present.  By trying to eliminate memories of such happenings from our
 mind, these will not go away, because when we try to wipe  them out, it means that we accept their existence at  present.

  Thus making efforts to wipe them out, means we are intensifying them. In truth, the past is no more in existence and if it does not exist, then why to worry about it?  Similarly, when the mind has no existence why to worry about fickleness, or restlessness of the mind?  It is surprising that something  non-existing should cause us pain and something absent should cause us fear. (to be continued.....)   
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