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Siva and Brahma are tricked by Asuras many times. Like Bhasmasura
tricked Siva and wanted to use Siva's boon to burn Him only. Vishnu
rescued Siva. Vishnu also once got married to Lakshmi's sisters and
lived with them happily forgetting He is Vaikuntha Pati. Siva had to
come and challenge for battle. In the battle Vishnu remembered His
true nature.

After Narasimha Avatara also Siva had to come as Sarabha and fight
with Narasimha and make Him to realize He is Vishnu. These stories are
showing Tri Murtis can be tricked also like ordinary Jeevas.

There are many stories showing Ishwara can be tricked by Maayaa.
Another thing is Kaala is the great destroyer and nobody can withstand
His power. Krishna was shot by a hunter and died. Raama also left His
body after Lakshmana and others died. What is Kaala? It is  Maayaa
only. There was a discussion here to show Kaala is a power of Maayaa
only. Therefore Maayaa is powerful and trick everybody.

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> It was very illuminating to read that mAyA can delude Ishwara himself, when the latter wills it.
> praNAms Sri Kalyan prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> Kindly pardon me for interfering  here.  I don’t know what has been discussed in those provided links.  But if the above is what you have understood from those discussions then I have to say something.  IMHO, mAya is NOT a separate Shakti that is sitting aloof from Ishwara to delude him after getting his permission or if he wills it.  mAyA is what Ishwara's Shakti, mAyA is nothing but Ishwara's will or the willingness of Ishwara itself is mAya.  There is no difference between Shakti and Shaktimaan.  Mama svarUpabhUta madeeya mAyA clarifies geetAchArya.  Contextually the concept of mAya has been explained as IshwarAdheena as well.  And as far as my knowledge goes nowhere it has been said that mAya has the separate power to delude even Ishwara after obtaining permission from him and over a period of him this mAyA Shakti would make Ishwara to forget his Ishwaratva itself !!  To the question of Arjuna : aparaM bhavatO janma paraM janma vivasvataH, kathametat vijAneeyAM tvamAdau prOktavAniti..obviously Arjuna thinking here sUrya is elder to Krishna :-) bhagavAn subsequently clarifies : prakrutiM svAm adhishtAya saMbhavAmyAtma mAyayA...the prakruti / mAya is under the control of Ishwara and he KNOWS it that he has many incarnations  whereas Arjuna  does not.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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