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> Hmmm....so many mails on Raama, a MITHYA Ishwara in paramaartha!!!
...you guys are more serious in doing vyavahaara than understanding and realizing  paramaartha, GOOD LUCK :) Happy Raama Navami !!!
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A common mistake is to hold everything that is mithyA or arising out of mithyA as irrelevant to the realization of the pAramArthika tattva. The discussion we had a few days ago showed this is not the case. Remember Madhusudana's pithy statement: bhrama-janyatvasya viShayabAdha-aprayojakatvAcca. In fact, what is irrelevant here is the
(erroneous) "rule" that the end-result of a bhrama (error) is always another error. There are many exceptions to this.

Hare Krishna

My dvaita prabhuji  said that he could see all the posts in both the lists, so need to cross post it but cannot post his comments !!  Thanks for all the clarification.  

Coming back to Sri Ananda prabhuji's observation, (based on Sri MS's statement) that mithyA vastu could sometime  give real jnana, shankara also addresses this issue by answering the question in sUtra bhAshya : kathaM tu asatyena vedAntavAkyena satyasya brahmAtvatvasya pratipattirupapadyeta?? Elsewhere shankara gives the example of pen, paper and certain lines / symbols to give the knowledge of saNkhyAshAtra and clarifies it is neither pen nor paper nor symbol the saNkhyA in themselves but using them as upAya we get the jnana of saNkhyA.  And further clarifies how the brahman which is vishesharahita (unlike shabdAtmaka dhvani  vishesha  etc. saNkhyA shAstra etc. ) cannot be directly taught by directing to its svarUpa hence shruti adopts the method neti, neti. (nishedha mukha or parapratishedha dvAreNa)  Is the gold ring ?? no, is the gold bangle ?? no, is the gold bracelet ?? no again...Likewise is the brahman this  nAma rUpa jagat ?? No...nAma rUpa, kriya are kevala adhyArOpita on nirvishesha brahman and this nirvishesha brahman can be known / realized as  prajnAnaghanaM through this nAmarUpa vyAkaraNa.  Yadi hi nAmarUpe na vyAkriyate tadA asyAtmanO nirupAdhikaM rUpaM prajnAna ghanAkhyaM na pratikhyAyeta..clarifies shankara in bruhad bhAshya. nAma rUpa jagat is upAdhi to know the brahman and for this upAdhi, the upAdAna and nimitta kAraNa is nothing but that brahman.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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