[Advaita-l] Ramana Maharshi - Advaitin or Neo Advaitin?

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> > Ø     Yes, that is why I said jnana of the particular jnAni is his
> > hrudaya spandana and acknowledging that in any particular person is
> > subjective decision of his/her followers.
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> You have to understand that I was accepting other's point of view
> apparently and then questioning their claim about ramaNa being GYAnI. Try
> to relate the answer to the logic which others provided.
> >  Ø     In the brahma jignAsa  (unlike dharma jignAsa)  shAstra is not the
> > sole pramANa anubhavAdhyascha too valid pramANa says shankara…If the
> > anubhava of ‘deathlessness’ of Atman to ramaNa is in line with shruti
> > pramANa can we discard it just it is not the result of shruti vAkya
> janita
> > or pramANa janita jnana prabhuji ??
> >
> I'm questioning the cause of anubhava he had? First of all, I'm not sure
> that the anubhava he had was same as that which is generated by shruti.
> Second, how could he get that result without pramANa.

If there is lack of information (whether one(A) has admitted that jnAna
had, is through Sruti pramANa or not) and in the absence of such
information (if one (A) has not admitted through one's own words/writings
that jnAna is not through Sruti pramANa. Note: there is no admission that
one(A) has not been exposed to Sruti texts through one's life either), how
can any one(B) categorize another one(A) as not jnAni or advaitin, as jnAna
is svasaMvedya ? It can't be established either way through logic?

Based on such a one's (A) describing his experience about one's (A) own
absorption in the Self experience, another yogi (X) or jnAni (Y) or Z
reading such texts may interpret accordingly and such interpretation
(pramA) is vyakti-niShTA knowledge (from A's point, such interpretation may
be true or false, but from X or Y or Z standpoint, it is true only). Now,
some one (C) may say, all such interpretations ( X or Y or Z) are beliefs,
since there is no clear information available about A's jnAna prApti. That
is fine. But, one(B or C) cannot conclude/establish A, as not
jnAni/advaitin either.

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