[Advaita-l] GunAtIta and jIvanmukta

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Fri Sep 30 04:43:15 CDT 2016

Namaste Sri Ravi Ji,

Reg  << Reference is from JMV in manonAsa prakarana, which is quoting
muktika up.>>,  very sorry. I tend to forget the details. Yes.  I agree on

Reg  << where it (advaita jnAna) is considered as NS (if not from JMV) ? >>,
a few are cited here.

1. Bhashya of  Jagadguru Sri Chandrashekhara Bharathi Mahaswaminah of Sri
Sringeri Peetha on verse 363 of Viveka Chudamani  (translation
Shankaranarayanan) << Being of the form of Brahman is itself the nectar or
rasa ; vide the shruti “ raso vai sah “( TU ). It is of the nature of rasa
also as it is the cause of supreme endearment. Productive of that
experience, without any blemish, that is the nirvikalpa-samAdhi which is
the cause of the dissolution of all universal vAsanAs beginning with
ahamkAra >>. ( Unfortunately original Sanskrit version is missing from my
copy of the bhashya. If anyone is having the same kindly post it here).

2. Drik Drishya Viveka,  Verse 26

<< स्वानुभूतिरसावेशाद् दृश्यशब्दावुपेक्ष्यतु ।

निर्विकल्पस्समाधिस्यान्निवातस्थितदीपवत् ॥>>

<< svAnubhUtirasAveshAd dRRishyashabdAvupekShyatu |

nirvikalpassamAdhisyAnnivAtasthitadIpavat || >>

Translation Swami Nikhilananda << But the Nirvikalpaka samAdhi is that in
which the mind becomes steady like the (unflickering flame of a) light kept
in a place free from wind and in which the student becomes indifferent to
both objects and sounds on account of his complete absorption in the bliss
of realization of the Self >>.

There must be many more, but I do not recollect immediately right now.

Reg  << Isn't NS also a yogic terminology synonymous with asamprajnAta
samadhi ? >>,

As far as I understand,  samAdhi in Yoga ShAstra refers to elimination of
vritti itself whereas in advaita, samAdhi refers to  holding the vritti
steady on Brahman. While NS and asamprajnAta samAdhi are synonymous terms
in advaita, both of them are different from the term samAdhi employed in
Yoga Shastra.


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