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> Namaste Bhaskarji
> The context in which Sri Lakshmana Sarma says it resolves the question.
> He had 2 options -
> 1. The direct upadesha and samvAda with a 'living' Guru in whose words
> Lakshmana Sarma had 100% Astikya buddhi and pramANatva buddhi.
> 2. Pore over several books and bhAShya-s on the Upanishads and figure out
> things by himself.
> He exalts the first alternative. Perfectly understandable. svAtantreNa
> shAstrANveshaNam na kuryAt. He was convinced his Guru was giving him the
> essence of the shAstra alone, not some different teaching contrary to
> shAstra.

An excerpt from the Book 'Exalting Elucidations' - 'Study of Śāstras' p.180:

Disciple: Is the study of scriptures necessary for one having absolute
faith in the teaching of one's Guru?

Acharyal (Srimad Abhinava Vidyatirtha Mahaswaminaḥ):  If a disciple has so
firm a faith, it is not necessary for him to study the śāstra-s formally in
order to know the Truth.


> It is mistakenly assumed that Sri Ramana Maharshi was mostly silent. That
> is not at all true. It was only in the initial years until 1916 that this
> is the case. For the last 30 odd years, Sri Ramana Maharshi was freely
> accessible and held on occasion long conversations etc. For Lakshmana Sarma
> he taught him the prakaraNa grantha 'Forty verses on Reality' over hunderds
> of hours of teaching him on a one-to-one basis. Quite effective shravaNam
> for the student. Better than self-study of 'old lore' for him.
> Om
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