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Thu Sep 29 08:30:11 CDT 2016


Sri Bhaskar Prabhuji,

I am grateful to be of any help. However, I do not desire the credit, as I
have not read Ribhu gita. I have heard that Sri Ramana Maharshi once said
that even if one does not understand the content of Ribhu Gita, still by
simply listening, one can immensely benefited. I think Sri Ramana Maharshi
gave high importance to Ribhu gita as Sri Daniel ji has said it is heart.
There are two versions of Ribhu Gita, one in Tamil and another one is
Sanskrit. Both versions are translated in English.

Thank you Sri Daniel ji for your inputs.

Kind Regards
Hari OM

On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 5:49 PM, Daniel Lecomte <dnllce at yahoo.fr> wrote:

> praNNAms everyone
> If I can express my opinion, Ribbhu Gita is the Heart of Ramana's
> teachings in 70 simple verses only ; among other noble and sacred books,
> but Ribbhu Gita can be the Way.
> Hari OM
> ------------------------------

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