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praNAms Sri Sadananda prabhuji
Hare Krishna

As I see it fits in correctly. Jnaani-ajnaani all in vyavahaara only - has not validity from the paaramaarthika point.

Ø  Yes prabhuji, in brahman there is no vidyAvidya vyavahAra, it is dvandvAteeta.

VyashTi and samaShTi vaasanaas are not really new concept. When somebody causing mass scale destruction or even construction, it is the samaShTi vaasanaas operating. The whole creation of 14 lokas is on that basis, is it not?

Ø   Yes, vyashti and samashti are not new in vedAntik parlance but attributing the samashti vAsana to the paramArtha jnAni is something new.  At least to me as I heard that from you only for the first time ☺

When I am born in a particular family - it is not only my vaasaanaas but my parents and my sibling,s and even that of doctors, hospital staff and maids etc - all their vaasanaas are involved - right?

Ø   Yes, geeta has to say something about it which you know already.  (yam yam vaapi smaran bhAvan etc.)

When Krishna says - yagnaartham karma - yagna involves cooperative action from the participants that contribute to the results and hence vaasaanaas too - both at individual level and at the samashTi level. Hence any organizational work involves samashTi vaasanaas and associated results.

Ø     Samashti level operation attributed to hiraNya garbha / viraat purusha..jnAni would not get the role of the Ishwara (srushti laya etc.) due to different upAdhi-s but jnAni would realize that this cycle of creation is because of HIM as he is brahman itself.

When that yagna is done is self-sacrificing mode then Krishna says for him who does that his vyashTi vaasanas will not be there. Hence karma-bandhanam depends on the attitude in performing the yagnaa - since yagna also means Lord, yagnaartham karma - involves attitude in performing that action.

Ø   Yes prabhuji.

Thus there is connection between vyashti and samaShTi in all actions that one performs - stating from the family level.

At the individual level - vyashTi vaasana-kshaya - will not necessarily eliminate samashTi vaasanas - just as even Jnaani if he is married - will have to go though samaShTi demands at the family level and similarly at larger levels - village, town, nation etc.

Ø     But don’t you think it is something different from what you said yesterday i.e. jnAni would have ‘fear’ due to his vAsana saMskAra even after the dawn of jnana??  Is this vAsana due to vyashti or samashti??  It should be vyashti vAsana only since erstwhile jnAni only had seen the snake in place of rope.  Is it not??

However Jnaani looks at the samashTi imposed actions are part of Iswara iccha - and his actions then become loka kalyaanam.

>.  Again agreed prabhuji.

All these are inter related and logical too.

>  thanks for sharing your understanding prabhuji.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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