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> Namaste
> Great teaching linked with Panchadashi quote on Jīvanmukti, related to the
> other thread discussion on jnAna nishTa / saMyak jnAna.Can we say, this
> message of Sri Thayumanavar resembles the asparSa yoga of Sri Gaudapada ?

True. Sri Sada ji has added some more inputs that take the message further
into deep contemplation:


//The same statement Bhagavaan Ramana puts in simple form

dRisyavaaritam chittamaatmanaH
Chittadarshanam tattvadarshanam||

dRisyebhyaH vaaritam manaH - The mind that shifts from the dRisyam or
objective thoughts - idam thoughts  - and sees in through all the idam
thought- the  Chitta darshanam - the illuminating consciousness that
reveals every idam-aham thoughts - that mind has the tattva darshanam.

Kena says - pratibhoda viditam matam - it is revealed in every thought.

It is re-cognition of Adviata or non-duality in and through duality and not
elimination of duality. //

> Thanks
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