[Advaita-l] What is the difference between Maya and avidhya ?T

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Namaste sri Sadananda ji and venkatesh ji

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> I like the explanation but there will be more questions. If there are
> Samashti Vaasanaas who will have them? If it is God it will not depend
> on Jnani or Ajnani. God can make even Ajnani do His work. Why only
> Jnani? Like Krishna made Bhima, Arjuna, Abhimanyu, Ghatotkacha and
> others do His work. They were not Jnanis.

There are no multiple vyaShTi-s. As far as you are concerned, 'my' vAsanas
are to be categorized under 'your' samaShTi.

Therefore, what is vyaShTi for me is part of samaShTi for you.

As they say in pancadashI,

IkShaNAdi praveshAntA sRShTiH Ishena kalpitA

jAgradAdi vimokShAntaH sRShTiH jivakalpitaH

>From the start of this cycle of creation (tadaiKShata etc) until the
creation of a suitable body for a the (particular) jIva, it is Ishvara's
creation (His vasana-s manifesting as Creation). From the state  waking
state until mokSha, it is all jIva's own creation.

The above shloka should be understood from one's own individual
perspective. 'I am', 'i act, i desire' etc.is vyaShTi or jIvakalpita, and
the 'Rest' is all Ishvara. (Including both jnAnIs and ajnAnIs and trees

Interestingly, even prior to jnAna, as we relax in an attitude of surrender
to Ishvara, born of common sense, many things that we attribute to i and
mine, or vyaShTi, get transferred to the samaShTi category.



> There will be exceptional Jnanis like Govindapada living in a cave and
> not coming out. What will Samashti Vaasanaa do then? Jnanis living in
> cave alone will not have Samashti and Vyashti Vaasanaas both. They
> will not do any God's work and die as Jeevanmuktas. Nobody even will
> know them.
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