[Advaita-l] What is the difference between Maya and avidhya ?T

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> Namaste
> But it is good for the Jnani to keep good Vaasanaas and kill only the
> bad Vaasanaas. Otherwise we cannot see examples like Adi Sankara. If
> he had zero Vaasanaas how could he work continuously and travel and
> preach Advaita?
> If a person has zero Vaasanaas and zero desires he becomes like a dead
> person appearing to be living. It is not Jeevanmukti but JeevanmRti to
> other though he may be realized. Therefore it is good to keep good
> Vaasanaas like worship of God, conversation with good people, showing
> compassion and helping others Paropakaara and so on. What is JMV
> saying on Sattwika Vaasanas like this?

The JMV is clear that even sāttvika vasnas have to be given up in order to
be in the highest state of jivanmukti. These vasanas (daivī sampat) have to
be developed in order to dislodge the other bandhaka vasanas (āsurī sampat)
and once that has been achieved, even these have to be given up.  Someone
may present the exact lines from JMV.  Even in the BG 14th ch. this idea is
admitted: one has to become (tri)guṇātīta, that is, rise above even sattva.
This is because, the verse says: sattva binds one to sukha and jnana.



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