[Advaita-l] What is the difference between Maya and avidhya ?T

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Baskarji - PraNAms
With due respects, the view you have presented is not correct. 

Jnaani understood that it is rope, But the fear of the snake persists further even after knowing that it is rope, because the emotional mind does not give up that fear. Even effects at the body level continue, even though intellectually one knows that it is a rope. Jaanam gained by intellect is not contradicted. Only emotional attachments persists. 

This is more so with respect to the muula avidya - the samskaara that has been coming from many many lives in the past has to go. Jnaanam removes the ajnanaam but ajnaana janya vaasanaas takes sometime to go. Even though the four fold qualifications are required, vedanta shravana starts before the complete purification - just as in many of us advaitins. The intellect is convinced but emotional mind due to remaining raaga dweshaas will linger on - To get rid of it it may take one life and even more than one life as in the case of Vaamadeva, he was a jnaani before and no one taught him when took the birth of vaamadeva. The same story may apply to Bhagavan Ramana, as people are arguing endlessly - even Brahmaji for that matter- If see Bri. Up. He was intially confused until the previous knowledge sinks in. In Uddhava geeta, there is Hamsa Geeta where Iswara has to come again to teach Brahmaji and sanatkumaaras -assuming this is different Brahmaji compared to the Bri. Up Brahmaji. Jadabharata story is also familiar. 

Of course, as before, you are welcome to hold on to your views.
Hari Om!Sadananda

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Hare Krishna

True, but, if jnAna is not 100% (samyak), avidyA is not completely bAdhita ..

>  yes, that is the point.  Brahmavid brahmaiva bhavati says shruti.  Brahma vida is NOT different from brahman and he is verily brahman.  If we attribute even an iota of avidyA to the brahma vida it is as good as pasting the avidyA on brahman itself.  Even if you see vAlAgramapi (tip of the hair) anAtma, it is avidyAvasthA only insists shankara on the need of absolute Atmaikatva jnana.  If we still insist on 0.0001% of avidyA in jnana / jnAni it is as good as saying there is absolutely no 'trace' of snake it is only 'rope' BUT the tip of the tail of the snake is still be visible to the custodian of that 'rajju' jnana :-) Which is, no need to mention, untenable according to the Advaita's paripUrNa saMyak jnana.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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