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> Dhanyavaada for reply.
> 1.I understand the terms AmashrAddha and hiraNyashrAddha. What is
specifically meant by the term sankalpashrAddha ?

AvahanArghyapiNDAntaM vikirocchiShTapiNDanam|
svadhocyatAgneH karaNaM saMkalpe sapta varjayet||

In saMkalpashrAddha, Avahana (of brAhmaNas), arghya (to vishvedevas and
pitRs), vikira, piNDa given to crows, svadhocyatA, agnaukaraNa (or
pANihoma), and piNDapradAna (to pitRs) are to be excluded. This means, it
is mostly the shrAddhasaMkalpa (appropriately modified) and brAhmaNabhojana
or feeding brAhmaNas.

> 2.I take it that regular shrAddha is anna shrAddha means offering cooked
rice in homa.

The regular shrAddha, also called the pArvaNa shrAddha, has many
components, such the ones left out as mentioned above for the saMkalpa

> 3.When is pinada-daana performed ?

This is to be done towards the end of the shrAddha, after the brAhmaNas
have eaten.

> 4.These details are for Braahmanas. Do Kshtriyas and vaishyas, being
dvijas, also have same obligations and details ?

> 5.What about Shudras and those outside of chaturvarna such as Panchamas
and some tribal groups ?
Shudras can do AmashrAddha and hiraNyashrAddhas. I did not come across any
procedures for the other groups that you mention. DeshAchAra (whatever is
followed in the region) and paramparAprApta (followed traditionally) would
work in those cases.

> 6. How about thos that "convert" such as Hare Krishnas.

I do not know. My guess is that converts would follow the same procedures
as others within sanAtana dharma.

> 7.While shrAddha is repayment of ancestral debt for Dvijas and aids in
the deceased's atman in progression; what about non Hindus ? Albeit their
religion does not have rituals like ours; what assists a Christian person's
soul after death ?

I do not know, since I have no knowledge of other religions, except in a
superficial way.


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