[Advaita-l] What is the difference between Maya and avidhya ?T

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Sat Sep 24 05:28:13 CDT 2016

Hare Krishna

This raises many questions as before. Since, it is accepted that mUlAvidyA is traikAlika bAdhita through knowledge and there is no more efforts (samAdhi or other mano nAsha/vAsana ksaya etc) needed to destroy it, after arising of knowledge, I am dropping this thread here ..

Ø     Yes, this brahmAshrita mUlA/kAraNAvidyA is a very complicated subject, needs more elaborated deliberation to find out the necessity of this type of avidyA while doing the Advaita siddhAnta pratipAdana.  And just for the records, one of the alternatives for the atyanta nAsha of this avidyA  and continuation of seeing the duality by jnAni is, even though due to prArabdha karma for the jnAni duality may appear, from the appearance of this duality would not bring any harm or damage to his jnana.  For, to him on certain occasions in asaMprajnAta samAdhi (it is a yOga term later coined as nirvikalpa samAdhi ) accrues the absolute cognition of Atmaikatva and after coming from this state, due to karma vasha, duality (dvaita) continue to be there.
Anyway, as you suggested, let us drop this thread without going deep into it prabhuji as it is often produces more heat than light.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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