[Advaita-l] What is the difference between Maya and avidhya ?T

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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> From sushupti, isn't the the bhAshya clearly referring to kevala sath -
> सन्मात्रमेव केवलं वस्त्विति?
> >  and bruhadAraNyaka further clarifies this state is crystal clear like
> water, he is one without second, he is abhaya, he is paramAtma, for jeeva
> it is parama gati, parama saMpat, parama lOka, paramAnanda etc.  From this
> it is clear that sushupti is the secondless state that we daily
> experience!! But from this, can we say just go to sleep and get mOksha??
> No, though it is adviteeya state we donot know (jnAnAbhAva)

Is jnAnAbhAva another term for avidyA or  ajnAna or agrahana ( tattva
agrahana) ? Or does it mean something else ?

You may want to refer some discussion on this term (jnAnAbhAva) from
Venkatraghavanji / PraveenJi ?

that we are adviteeya there.  Shankara clarifies why there is no vishesha
> jnana in sushupti, it is because of 'ekatvaM' and not due to the existence
> of mUlAvidyA or kAraNAvidyA.

still to get a clear understanding of mUlAvidyA..

And elsewhere shankara further clarifies there is abhAva of avidyA in
> sushupti and it is ekaM eva adviteeyam hence there in sushupti there exists
> NO vishesha jnana (anyatva pratyupasthApakahetOH avidyAyAH abhAvAt).
> However, shruti and shankara talks about 'tureeya' the fourth pAda, which
> is quite different from vishva, tejasa and prAjna,  why?? What is the need
> of mentioning the tureeya when prAjnA himself is secondless Atman??  A
> subject matter of another interesting discussion, which we have done and
> dusted somany times earlier without any amicable settlement :-)
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar

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