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>  Can anyone tell the difference between Maya and avidhya  of advaita?
> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> It is last month's question.  But the same topic (i.e. whether avidyA and
> mAya synonyms (paryAya pada-s) or different) has been discussed earlier
> also in this list in detail.  Anyway, in short, avidyA is jeevAshrita and
> mAya is Ishvaraadheena.  However, some time there will be a question when
> jeeva bhAva itself is due to avidyA how can avidyA be jeevAshrita??  For
> this there is bifurcation in avidyA i.e. mulAvidyA which has the locus in
> brahman (brahmAshrita) and tulAvidyA which is in jeeva (jeevAshrita) and
> further there is justification for this mUlAvidyA as it has been accepted
> as beeja shakti of brahmaN and it is in bhAva rUpa which is the root cause
> of nAma/rUpa jagat and invariably exists in all the three avasthA-s and it
> is not jnAnAbhAva.

Are you saying that, as per this understanding ( vivarana?) , both
tulAvidyA  and mUlAvidyA are removed/destroyed/sublated upon sadAtmana
ekatva jnAna prApti ?

> Some knowers of tradition would argue that avidyA and mAya are paryAya
> pada-s and some others would not accept that avidyA and mAya are synonyms
> though both words have been used interchangeably at some places in
> bhAshya.  Just FYI.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
> praNAms

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