[Advaita-l] Ramana Maharshi - Advaitin or Neo Advaitin?

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Is it possible for a traditional Advaitin to apply teachings of Sri Ramana
Maharshi without crossing boundaries.

While I appreciate that Brahmins and sanAtanis are trying to adhere to the
customs, if we go strict on conduct, how many Brahmins here follow the true
vedanitc path and do not do job but only Brahminic duties. This question is
for those who do not want any liberty in following customs. How pure are
you yourself? What change have you experienced after years of practice.
Have you experienced chitta shuddhi? Have you noticed that you have become
big hearted. Please share for the benefit of all.

I would also like to request the traditional Brahmins and those who are
critical about some saints to give their daily routine and that do they
have a guru and have they received proper initiation? The one who is
questioning also must have his/her own credibility. We can come to respect
those who adhere to his varNa strictly and are men of lofty character.

Secondly, there was comment that what would have Adi Sankara wrote if he
was present today. I would like to add to it.

Adi Sankara established 4 mathas and dasanAmI sanyAsins are expected to
travel to each of mathas by walking with a pair of cloth, a multi purpose
DanDa and a multipurpose kanaNDala and of course a pair of wooden pAdukA-s

How many of sanyAsins actually live the life that they are expected to. Adi
Sankara didnt had mobile, whatsapp a/c, facebook, twitter, mail and chat
accounts. He didn't have iPhone / iPad and he didn't travel to foreign
countries. My question is how many monks follow his teachings without
deviating an inch. parivrajaka monks are very rare. Now imagine if Adi
Sankara sees a sanyAsin chatting on latest iphone.

We see saints appealing for donation. Do you accept this approach. Is this
what Adi Sankara has taught. Can you quote if appealing for donations is
authenticaed by Adi Sankara? Do they not ahve faith in Ishavara to whom
have have surrendered? Will not Ishavara fulfill whatever is necessary? Why
ask from grihastis whom you are expected to guide and act as a role model
for moral and ethical conduct.

varNa and Ashrama dharma are fading and it is good to give importance to
them and I really appreciate those who care and carry the eternal tradition
to the best of their ability. I have no issues to those who do jobs, travel
abroad, settle there. I really appreciate that their heart longs for
following customs that they should follow.

If someone is critical of any system, philosophy or of any saint, it is
his/her right, but then others disagreeing with critics do have an equal
right to find faults in criticism and criticize the critics. Critics should
be big hearted and open minded to accept the truth, try to be unbiased and
face the situation, as it is they who are representing themselves as true
followers of sanAtana dharma. Their own life has to be like an open book.
Nothing should be private. Even if they are sick for a day and a lady nurse
treats them (nothing objectionable for a neo :) ), this fact should be
recorded and shared without hesitation.

South Indians deserve special credit for withholding the eternal dharma. I
am also grateful to the great wall - The Vijayanagar Empire who stopped
foreign invasion for 350 years. Many saints flourished during their reign
namely Hukka, Bukka and Krishnadevaraya. South benefited from this great

I agree that bypassing certain procedures and without purifying the
intellect, it is unwise to talk about pArmArthika satya. It is like seeing
snake, but always claiming of seeing a rope.

Hari OM

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> Namaste
> One more difference is Neo Advaiti will say he can follow any Tantra
> practice and speak very bad obscene and foul words. Example is seen
> below -
> https://sulochanosho.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/god-is-in-the-vagina/

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