[Advaita-l] Ramana Maharshi - Advaitin or Neo Advaitin?

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> > 'Jnanam alone is; there is no Jnani'
> >
> Isn't it curious that we also have the words of Sri Ramana Maharshi  -
> 'What is Jnana other than the Knower'
> ज्ञानमिस्त किं ज्ञातुमन्तरम्

Raghav ji,

Could you confirm whether the above translation you give to the statement
is correct? For we have this too:



jñāna-varjitā-jñana-hina cit

jñānam-asti kiṃ jñātum-antaram

That is true knowledge which transcends
Both knowledge and ignorance,
For in pure knowledge

Is no object to be known.

If it has to be //'What is Jnana other than the Knower'// I think the
wording should be: ....jñāturantaram.  Because, jñātā is the knower.  Apart
from the knower where / what is Knowledge?  In this case jñātā will become
jñātuḥ in the panchamī .


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