[Advaita-l] Advaita and Madhyamika Buddhism

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Hare Krishna

The meaning of antya pramANa is more profound than that sir. The bhAshya of the yaa nishaa sloka goes into it a bit. What it means is that after jnAna, the very pramAtritvam of the pramAta is destroyed. Hence there is no more pramANa for such a one.

Ø   My doubt is not about the status pramANa after jnana, atra veda aveda applicable for the jnAni.  What about the pramANa of the shurti as antya prior to this jnana when any paurusheya text doing the same work of apaurusheya shruti??

Also I didn't say that any text can do so. I said that any text that is based on the veda, taught by a guru.

Ø     That is fine.  That means any text in any language which is based on veda/vedAnta’s teaching is enough for guru to teach brahma jnana to his shishya.  Again does it not mean that shruti cannot always be a source text for doing the brahma jignAsa??

Reading a novel that has the hero saying I am Brahman, does not count :)

Ø   Why I am not able to understand!!??  ‘Aham brahmAsmi’ is not one of the mahAvAkya-s of vedAnta??  If the hero declaring the Upanishad satya in this novel why cannot it be a pramANa for the guru to teach this satya to his shishya??  For that matter, as you know,  even in the Upanishad itself we have allegories like this ☺

As I told Chandramouliji, I presented my views. You are welcome to disagree.

Ø   Kindly don’t think I am disagreeing with anyone, just thinking aloud about the status of shruti as untya pramANa when somany alternative paurusheya texts doing the job of shruti.  You can ignore this, if it is an untraditional way of thinking.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!


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