[Advaita-l] Advaita and Madhyamika Buddhism

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> .But where do we draw the line between a certain pedagogy being
> acceptable as being within the ambit of prakriyA bheda and another prakriyA
> being an asAdhu prakriyA ?

> Can we take some common minimum principles to be necessary or sufficient to
> be counted as a sadhvI prakriyA of the advaita tradition ?
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Is it not more to do with the pramaNa itself being used for generating such
knowledge of oneness between
the individual and the Whole? Is it not as simple and direct as
Sruti/bhAshya (and following commentaries) based or not ?
If this is not so, but such knowledge is taught based on other pramAna or a
mix-up, why does one want it to be called as same or similar to Sri Sankara
advaita? why not one call it as some other name ..xyz or direct teaching
etc, if the goal is more on imparting such knowledge to  seekers?

Is this not so, in all other dvaita , vishista-dvaita etc systems as well ?


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