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Glad your parents are alive. Better ask your father about these things. In
case he feels not competent enough ask your family priest. These things
vary from family to family. Traditional observance is more important.
R. Krishnamoorthy.
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> Pranam to all,
> As Pitru Paksha is approaching, I have some questions. Fortunately as my
> parents are alive, I do not need to perform any rituals.
> Questions for Shan Nava (96) dates.
> 1.Is only Tila Tharpana performed ?
> 2.What about homa ? Should that be performed on the 96 days also ? Or only
> on annual death anniversary of parents ?
> 3.What if one cannot (due to occupation, school, etc) perform at alloted
> time after Madhyanika or even the concession time during Sanghavi kala ?
> May Tharpana be perfomed in succession after Pratah & Madhyana SV and
> Brahma Yagna; all during prataah kala before 8am ?
> 4.If mother is not alive but father is living; what should be done ?
> I have seen variability and non-conformity with shastras by family
> members, hence these questions.
> Dhanyavaada,
> Ravi Chandrasekhara
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