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> Dear Scholars,
> I understand that there has been a claim that Shri Madhvacharya showed
> thirty-two flaws in the advaitic text "Ishtasiddhi" while debating with his
> Advaita guru  Shri Achyutaprekasha, then the head of the "Bhandarkere
> Math". I shall be grateful if anybody can kindly let me have the details of
> the so-called thirty-two flaws pointed out by Shri Madhvacharya, as well as
> the whereabouts of the Bhandarkere math.

Dear Sunil ji,

Even I had asked the above question about the Ishtasiddhi and have not had
any replies so far.  I had even contacted MM Sri R. Krishnamurti Sastrigal
whose Ph.D thesis, decades ago, was the Ishtasiddhi vivarana and he said he
is not aware of such claims or the so-called flaws.

About the Bhadarakere Mutt, it is located in Udupi and these websites may
be of help to you:





> Regards,
> Sunil KB
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